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Rick Parrott Consulting – The EHR Nurse – Risk Assessments, Workflow Analysis and HIPAA Guidance.

Rick Parrott Consulting – “The EHR Nurse”


Hi! I am Rick Parrott “The EHR Nurse” and I wanted to tell you about the goals Rick Parrott Consulting.

Rick Parrott Consulting is a dynamic consulting company specializing in small one to three physician medical practices.

With the government increasingly monitoring and legislating healthcare, small medical practices have a special problem when it comes to meeting these government mandates. Often, a smaller medical practice does not have the funding to maintain the needed expertise.

For these practices, consulting is the only viable alternative.

Hiring the needed experience is a cost effective method for managing need versus cost. Even the largest companies in the US use this model to control costs while accessing the needed experience.

I am building my business around providing cost efficient consulting services. Rick Parrott Consulting is not a one-stop shop, but we do provide comprehensive support for your medical practice. We are not an Information Technology desktop support company; we look to provide you services at a higher level. At the level where mistakes can cost you a lot of money, and maybe even put you in jail.

Rick Parrott Consulting offers the following services:

  • Healthcare Information Technology Services
  • Healthcare Information Security Training
  • EMR/EHR Implementation Services
  • Workflow Analysis and Process Improvement
  • Risk Assessment/Analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Services
  • Network Integration
  • Healthcare Compliance and HIPAA Management

So, let us talk a little about why I think I can help your practice.

I am a retired US Army Noncommissioned Officer, which means middle management in most cases, with 23 years of service. Most of this service was with the US Army medical system. My time in the US Army taught me that experience and results count!

I have worked as an EHR Implementation and Training Specialist, successfully guiding more than 100 clients through the project implementation process.

Additionally, I have more than 20 years of Information Technology experience covering many different functional areas. Such as insurance, training and healthcare. I hold certifications from AHIMA, COMPTIA and ISC2.

Finally, I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse. This means I understand both the technical side and operational side of your healthcare business.

With my strong healthcare background, I offer a truly unique opportunity to help you develop and safeguard your medical practice.


Rick Parrott AHIMA CHTS-IM/CP Security+
“The EHR Nurse”


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