Healthcare IT Technician

Healthcare IT Technician

IT, Licensed Nurse, Army Combat Medic, Security Analyst, Healthcare Information Technology, Network+, COMPTIA, Technician
Rick Parrott – CHTS Implementation Manager and Healthcare IT Technician

CompTIA’s Healthcare IT Technician certification covers the knowledge and skills required to implement, deploy, and support medical IT systems in U.S. clinical settings.

Holders of the this certification possess a thorough understanding of medical practice workflows and health information technology processes while retaining the knowledge and skills required to fully support or implement a medical practice information technology program.

The exam is intended for information technology professionals who are CompTIA A+ certified or have 500 hours of hands-on IT technical experience in the lab or field, plus the knowledge/skills necessary to deploy and support HIT systems in clinical settings.

This certification combines the parts of many different work domains to produce an exam that shows the holder is fully competent to manage and maintain a medical practice’s network.