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Cloud Computing verses Client/Server Computing

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There are two methods of installing and using electronic medical records, Client Server, and Cloud.

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.


Client Server Cloud Services
You have control of your server You do not have to have in-house expertise
All files are stored in a central location All files are stored off-site in a professionally managed service provider
You control data backups Backups are conducted on data stored at the server management company
Easily accessed shared data Less expensive equipment is needed to conduct operations
Internet interruptions do not effect operations Increased security at a lower cost
Increased business continuity opportunities
Service Level Agreements with the software and cloud vendor



Client Server Cloud Services
You have to have or contract for expert admin services Internet downtime interrupts operations
You must contract for expert security services Increased vulnerability due to cloud footprint
The computer equipment is expensive Your patient data is stored and secured by a third-party
Any network failure interrupts operations Limited control of your data
You must make a commitment to data backups


A smaller medical practice may not have the revenue to maintain in-house computer expertise. Even contracting for part-time services may be an unsupportable burden.

Some of my clients are paying more than $1000.00 per month to have their servers maintained and repaired.

Cloud-based EHR’s make fiscal sense for smaller medical practices. In a cloud environment, you shift the expert maintenance tasks, and much of the cost, to an off-site third party that provides those services.

These companies can provide these services because they spread the costs among their subscribers.

Contact The EHR Nurse for expert guidance on choosing the best architecture for your practice.


Rick Parrott - HCISPP - Information Security & Privacy Consultant
Rick Parrott – HCISPP – Information Security & Privacy Consultant
Rick Parrott - CHTS-IM - Training and Implementation Manager
COMPTIA Certified Healthcare IT Technician
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