Workflow Analysis & Process Improvement

Workflow Analysis & Redesign

Workflows are important to a medical clinic; they can help reduce the impact of deficiencies in workplace design and operation.

Many physician’s offices were not built with electronic health (EHR) records in mind. For example, most examination rooms to are too small to fit a patient, the doctor, and a laptop computer comfortably. Problems like this are seen when the practice adopts an EHR because it disrupts established office processes.

Sometimes problems are a good thing!

In many offices, the clinic workflow evolved as changes were made over time. Further, most clinics are so busy that the office manager doesn’t have the opportunity to redesign clinic processes. As an Implementation Specialist, many times I have seen physicians attempting to balance their computers on their knees while interviewing their patients.

For the most part, building a new clinic is impractical and costly. Another way needs to be found to solve this problem.

The best option is to look at the clinic workflow and see what modifications are required to help service your patients. This won’t help with the size of the treatment rooms, but analyzing the clinic workflow can identify changes that streamline the entire process.

Unfortunately, most clinics are too busy to do this analysis.

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