Direct Support Services

Rick Parrott Consulting - Desktop SupportRick Parrott Consulting provides small medical practices with the same level of technical support as many of the largest clinics located within the greater San Antonio Metro area.

Medical practices receive services from certified and experienced technicians.Specifically, technicians who fully understand the healthcare environment including the demands of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

Many technicians only have an academic knowledge of HIPAA, however at Rick Parrott Consulting we have more than ten years of direct healthcare I/T support. Rick Parrott is a licensed vocational nurse with many years of direct patient care to augment his I/T experience. We understand Healthcare Information Technology at a deeper more meaningful level than most technicians.

In order to provide the most flexible and complete services, Rick Parrott Consulting offers both break-fix and managed I/T services. Our managed I/T services guarantees a specific Service Level Agreement goal and a fixed lower cost service rate.


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