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Rick Parrott - HCISPP - Information Security and Privacy Consultant
Rick Parrott – HCISPP – Healthcare Security and Privacy Consultant

Security in the healthcare arena can be difficult to understand and implement. The main reason for this is because so few people truly understand this unique security environment.

Understanding security in this environment requires a lot of forethought and research to keep up with the constant changes. It is not enough to be merely familiar with the governing regulations. Instead, you need to have a deep knowledge of how, when, and why to introduce compliance measures into your network.

This page has been setup to make it easier to locate reference material. Additionally, there are several pages of training and reference material available within…

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Department of Health & Human Resources

Risk Assessment User Guide

Privacy and Security Guide


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

NIST sp800_30_r1 Inforemation Security – Guide to Conducting Risk Assessments

NIST sp800-66 Revision 1 Information Security – HIPAA Security Rule

NIST rp800-12 Revicion 1 – Information Security – Introduction to Information Security