Rick Parrott’s Skill Set

Rick’s Skill Set

Rick Parrott Consulting - Workflow analysis
Rick Parrott Consulting

Medical Skills and Experience

Rick Parrott has real-world medical experience, adding true and practical depth to his skills. He has over eight years experience in the medical field as a nurse, combat medic and healthcare administrator.

Below are some of the positions which have helped Rick Parrott gain his medical experience.

  • Medical Writer
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse – Texas
  • Electronic Medical Records Manager
  • US Army Combat Medic
  • Detachment First Sergeant (Managed Combat Support Hospital Personnel Functions)
  • Combat Medic Training Program Director

Rick Parrott has more than 20 years of education and training experience resulting in a professional instructor who puts his student’s success before his own. (Student-Centered Training)

While every student is equal, every student is not the same. Each student is a unique individual who has a personal learning style. As an instructor, Rick Parrott applies a multitude of learning modalities to enhance overall student learning and success — focusing on each student’s learning strengths.

Proper training can and will increase the efficiency of your medical staff by reducing time to project completion, increasing compliance rates and improving employee satisfaction.

Rick Parrott provides a workflow analysis service which can be combined with follow-up instruction to improve implementation of the improved workflow, resulting in a more efficient (and profitable) clinic.

Conceptual Mindworks / Sevocity

Conducted more than 100 EHR project implementations, trained more than 500 trainees over a three year period.

  • Trained front office staff to improve records keeping and billing.
  • Improved physician and clinical staffs ability to quickly process patients, increasing the number of patients who can be serviced in a given period of time.

Wounded Warrior Project

Conducted ongoing online COMPTIA A+ courses for more than 200 Wounded Warriors.

US Army

Combat Medic Training Program Manager
Combat Lifesaver Course Program Coordinator

US Air Force

Air Traffic Control Upgrade Trainer

Career Point College

Network Technician Instructor

Sanford Brown College

Professor of Information Technology (Adjunct)

Project Management Skills

Project Manager and AHIMA Certified Implementation Manager – Rick Parrott has been a Project Manager for more than twenty years.

His first projects were conducted during his USAF career in aviation maintenance and air traffic control. Later project management opportunities occurred in the information technology realm and as an EHR Implementation & Training Specialist where he was directly responsible for more then 100 EHR implementations.

Rick Parrott has managed both small and large projects.

United States Air Force

  • Managed projects to update and develop training plans for Air Traffic Control Upgrade Training
  • Team Leader for deployed Combat Communications Controller Team (numerous classified projects)

SA Secure

  • Designed and implemented network projects for several small businesses
  • Conducted site surveys and security risk analysis projects

US Army Reserves

  • Developed and implemented 228th Combat Support Hospital’s Combat Medic Training Program


  • Conducted and managed over 100 implementations for small providers over a three year period.
  • Implementations consisted of project management, document design, software customization and training.

Clarity Child Guidance Center

  • Project lead for InPatient Billing.
  • Primary EHR Trainer.


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