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Hi everyone! I’m Rick Parrott and I want to help your medical practice thrive.

I have a strong background performing at many different levels of Information Technology and Healthcare. I have gained this experience by being in the trenches, by actually doing the job.

In my career, I have worked for several insurance companies as a Network Administrator, Project Manager, and Service Desk Manager.

In 2007, I decided that I needed to returned to the service of my country as an Army Reservist. I served as a Combat Medic, Combat Medic Trainer and LVN for seven years before retiring from the military on August 2, 2014.

I worked as an Electronic Health Records Implementation and Training Specialist with an EHR vendor for many years. During this time, I created written and video training materials to enhance consumer knowledge and product satisfaction. Further, I was responsible for more than 100 project implementations.

I know how to run an EHR implementation project from start to finish.

After leaving Sevocity, I worked as the Director of Information Technology for a major medical practice in San Antonio during witch I reduced monthly information technology costs by more than 67 percent. That equates to an annualized savings of more than $84,000.00.

For a time, I worked the Wounded Warrior Project as a Certification Trainer teaching A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications. While at the same time, I worked for a local college as an Adjunct Professor (Information Technology).

Currently, I am offering my services as a Healthcare Information Technology Security Consultant and Implementation Manager.

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