Sevocity Trainer and Implementation Manager

Rick Parrott Consulting - Sevocity Easy EHR

Rick Parrott Consulting

Sevocity Easy EHR: I would like to offer my services to help you improve and customize this easy to use EHR.

When dealing with a vendor, you need someone on your side, someone who will give you honest and direct information about your EHR and business needs. Someone on your side, not someone more concerned about their company’s liability.

I can help you with all of the following:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Meaningful Use Attestation
  • Template design and modification
  • Staff Training
  • Customization
  • Implementation Support
  • Network Security
  • Information Security & Privacy
  • Workflow Analysis & Process Improvement


We offer Healthcare Information Technology services to ensure your office and network are safe and secure.

Contact Rick Parrott Consulting here, or call (855)HIPAA18