Webinars – HIPAA, Security, Process Improvement and more!

Training Webinars
Training Webinars at Rick Parrott Consulting

Healthcare Webinars are Coming Soon!

Webinars are a wonderful way to increase your baseline healthcare knowledge. Properly constructed webinars are a great value with their concentrated messages.

Imagine, in only 30 minutes, you can gain actionable knowledge which will directly impact your ability to do your job. This is critical to those who work in the Healthcare field due to constantly changing rules and regulations.

Think about what you need to learn to excel at your job…

HIPAA Regulation?
Risk Assessments?
Information Technology?
Process Improvement?
Coding & Billing?
Business Continuity Planning?
Cloud Computing?
And much more…

Our sessions will be limited to just 30 minutes so that you can attend one over lunch and still have time to eat. Each subject will be broken down into small digestible bites, making learning easier.

Over the years, I have found that students learn much faster when they are presented with smaller bits of information. Each session will build on the session before. In this manner, you will quickly master the overall material.